Non Invasive Prenatal DNA Test.
Paternity DNA testing in Oakland and the Answers it Provides. Establishing the paternity of a child is important for a plethora of reasons. For example, the overall well-being is something that is highly dependent on this crucial piece of information. Additionally, it helps to offer full protection of the child's rights. Knowing definitively who a child's biological parent's are is also important for the following reasons:

It provides the child the ability to access both legal benefits as well as social benefits, which includes things such as social security payments, rights of inheritance and veteran's benefits. Allows the child to know their complete medical background, which will provide their doctor or physician to know if there are medical issues to watch for as the child grows and develops. Allows the true parent of the child to create a lasting bond that may not be possible without paternity DNA testing in Oakland.

There is no doubt that having paternity DNA testing in Oakland is a must for anyone who may question their parentage. No matter if they are young or old the services of 23DNA can finally provide the answers that are sought after.