Non Invasive Prenatal DNA Test.
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Prenatal Test - info

Our prenatal DNA test makes it seamless for our users and without any discomfort, the prenatal test results takes between 1-2 weeks. You can Purchase* the prenatal test at our new and easy to use online store it is priced at $1600.
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Can i order the test online ?

Yes, with the new easy to use order form our online store makes it seamless for our users to order any of the 5 DNA tests that we offer Order Now.

Do you have a location near me ?

Yes, NIPT has over 3000 partner in the US & Canada and now in israel, France & London. We are a growing company that provide a wide selection of DNA tests. to find a location near you please visit our location by zip code page.

How soon can i do the prenatal test ?

Our technology allows us to preform the prenatal test in as early as the fifth week of pregnancy.

Is there an age requirement to do a DNA test?

No, we regularly perform paternity testing on newborn infants using cheek (buccal) swabs, even before the baby is born.

When can I expect the results ?

With the exception of the prenatal DNA test (NIPT) that can take between 1-2 weeks all other DNA tests takes between 1-2 days.

How will I receive my results ?

By email/us mail.

Do you need a doctor's/court order to have a DNA test ?

No, a doctor's order or a court order is not required to have a DNA test. NY State is the only state which does require a doctor's order.

What are the prices ?


  • Non Invasive Prenatal Test - $1600

Are my results legally admissible ?

if you choose the legal paternity test, the results are recognized by the US courts and in most other countries.

How soon can I get an appointment ?

In most of the cases, as early as one days notice. To schedule an appointment go to our contact form
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